the Most Beautiful Beach on Roatan
Arguably, the Caribbean

South on West Bay Beach

This view is looking down West Bay Beach, past all of the Resort's, Restaurant's, Lounge's, Condo's, etc., to the distant 'Iron Shore' Outcropping at the south end of the Beach. The 'World Renown' Tabyana Beach is located close to this 'Outcropping'.

North on West Bay Beach

This view is looking up the Beach towards another 'Iron Shore' Outcropping that bounds the north end of West Bay Beach. Notice all the Soft, White Powder, Sands located the full length of the Beach. The Sands extend quite a distance into the Ocean, providing great swimming and wading. No worry about stepping on a sharp rock or a 'Squishy Squid', or worse, hiding in the SeaGrass.

View Roatan Island, Honduras in a larger map

Check out this amazing Satellite View of West Bay Beach. The white areas under the water are soft, powdery sands. A majority of the rest is the Living Coral Reef. 'Double-Click' on an area that you would like to see closer. Each time that you 'Double-Click', that area continues to get closer and closer. Hold the 'left mouse button' down to move your view of the area. 'Click' on the blue 'Pinheads' to get a description of what each 'Pinhead' represents.

The Second Largest Barrier Reef starts onshore at the southern end of West Bay Beach and curves out about a couple of hundred yards offshore. Therefore, the Coral Reef is easily Accessible, even by the most Novice Swimmers. Generally, with very little Wave Action or Current, plus Corals close to the surface of the water, Snorkeling is Superb.

The Living Coral Reef at West Bay is a Protected Marine Reserve/Park, so its Beauty Will Endure.

Thousands of various Colorful Fishes, Corals, 'Critters', Plants, etc., are easily accessible from Shore. Enjoy the Excitement of Seeing, and participating, in 'Roatan's Other World'.

Needless to say, Scuba Diving is Excellent, with a long list of interesting 'natural sites', shipwrecks and miles of living corals, full of canyons, valleys, caves, and all manner of flora and fauna. There are several PADA Certified Dive Shops located along West Bay Beach.

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