Scuba Diving on Roatan...
A Most Excellent Activity

For an 'Out of This World' experience, Scuba Diving on Roatan is an absolute 'must do'. We are talking about diving on the world's second largest Coral Reef System, Australia's Great Barrier Reef being the largest. Roatan is 'World Renown' for its excellent diving adventures. There are over 35 recognized dive sites around the Island - from Coral Reefs to Ship Wrecks. It is also my understanding that Roatan is one of the cheapest places to get your Diving Certifications. Unfortunately, I do not Scuba Dive, I have barely gotten used to Snorkeling. But that is my next goal, Certifying in Scuba. Besides being less expensive Certifying on Roatan, the thoughts of passing off Qualifications in a cold mountain lake, swimming pool or dive tank just doesn't create the same excitement as Diving in crystal clear, warm waters, with lots of Colorful Fishes, Corals, 'Critters', Plants, etc., etc., all around.

Ship wreck

Coral Canyon

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