Scooter Rentals...
a Leisurely Way to See Roatan

Scooter Rentals are a very economical (and fun!) way to see Roatan Island. The asphalt road is reasonably well maintained and there are lots to see. So hire a Scooter and start exploring. The Rental Agencies will happily provide you with detailed maps and explanations on how to best see the Island. Scooter rentals are good at West End and West Bay. Just make sure you receive good 'Safety Training' for your particular scooter, Helmet and 'Words of Wisdom' about operating a Scooter on Roatan. It is best, by far, that you already have good experience on riding scooters, motorcycles or dirt bikes. You really have to watch out for the 'other guy' and Roatan is not the best, or safest, place to learn how to ride a Scooter. At least driving is on the 'right' (correct) side of the roadway. Unless you are from the 'Mother Country of England' or, I imagine, some other countries that were influenced by England, it seems 'normal'. Ha!

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