Roatan Taxi's...
the 'Don't Worry' Way
to Explore Roatan

There seems like hundreds of Taxi's and the 'independents' can be bargained with. They don't expect tips either. Generally, it is the 'Don't Worry' way of seeing Roatan. You, generally, have an 'English-speaking driver (make sure you ask for one if you do not speak the 'native tongue' - Spanish), who will enlighten you with things to see, history, attractions, etc. But the drivers, at times, can be a 'little stressful', displaying their driving skills. Ha!! Ask the price in advance and if it seems high, ask another. Prices from the airport are fixed during the day and negotiable at night. A cab from the airport to West Bay is usually around US$10. But, as with everything else, those prices do increase time to time.

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