Ride the Roatan Ferry...
to the Mainland and Back

Roatan Ferry to La Ceiba, HN

For an exhilarating outing, take a round trip ride on the new Roatan Ferry, the Galaxy Wave, to the port city of La Ceiba, located on the mainland. This new, high tech Ferry will cover the 30 plus miles of open ocean in about an hour.

The Galaxy Wave went into service in August of 2006. It carries up to 460 passengers. The Galaxy Wave is a 152 foot catamaran yacht featuring four 1825 horsepower engines with twin jet propulsion. Speeds at 36 knots or 41.4 MPH. That's MOVIN' on the water! The yacht was designed in Australia and built in Louisiana.

Unlike in the U.S., where you have to idle out of the harbor for 'miles' it seems, to eliminate your making of a large wake, this ship just barely 'unties' before the Captain jams the throttle lever forward. What a Rush!!! Sitting on the back of the ship and looking up at the 'rooster tails' that those twin jets 'throw up' (maybe a poor choice of words, Ha!!) is awesome. It feels like we just 'skim' along the tops of the waves. You can hear, and feel, the bottom of the ship hitting the wave tops. I know there were times, especially on the way back, that we were 'airborne'. There would be a couple seconds of 'silence'. In reality, it is a pretty smooth ride.

New Roatan Ferry Dock Facility

Safe Way Maritime (Roatan Ferry) moved to Dixon Cove in 2006. The new facility is easily accessible with its central location between several of the main towns on Roatan's south coast. It is well signed from the main highway. The new facility offers plenty of parking space.

Departure - Arrival Times

  • 7:00am Roatan - La Ceiba 8:15am
  • 9:30am LaCeiba - Roatan 10:45am
  • 2:00pm Roatan - La Ceiba 3:15pm
  • 4:30pm La Ceiba - Roatan 5:45pm
  • (Verify times on day of Departure as these times can change)

     Fares on the Roatan Ferry
    Round trip Roatan - La Ceiba

  • Adult Normal Fare: US$54.18
  •   Adult First Class: US$64.76
  •  Child 5 to 10 yrs: US$28.78
  •   Child First Class: US$33.02
  •  Child under 5 yrs: US$ 0.00
  • (Also verify these prices at day of departure as these prices can change)

    The Galaxy Wave - Roatan Ferry - travels on schedule, regardless of the passenger load, weather permitting. On-time, dependable schedules make your planning easy for both business and leisure travel. The Galaxy Wave offers safety, convenience, and luxury. All passengers must go through security screening before boarding. A concession area onboard offers snacks and refreshments. Onboard entertainment is available.

    Roatan Ferry Twin Roostere Tails

    P.S. There is Dramamine® available in bowls all over the Port Facilities and on the Roatan Ferry, like candy, for all the 'landlubbers'. Ha!

    But use caution when taking Dramamine® as it can make you sleepy and you will not want to miss an hour of activity on Roatan.

    Seriously, if you think you might have a potential problem with seasickness, then buy...

    Sea Band®: These are pressure point therapy wrist bands. Most people discount this remedy because it "sounds" like a gimmick. They work! The nice thing about this remedy is that they can be added along with any of the other remedies without conflicting with them. Many drug stores carry these bands as a cure for morning sickness. Just follow the directions as to where to place them.

    Ginger: That's right. Plain old ginger root. You can get this stuff in pill form, candied, raw, powdered, as a paste, dehydrated, in cookies... well, you get the idea. Ginger settles your stomach quickly and, just like with Sea Band®, ginger can be added along with any other drug remedies without conflicting with them.

    Cruise Lobster

    Just one more thing - some people have a tendency to 'over do' a good thing when they're on Vacation. Go easy on the dinner the night before and breakfast in the morning before you go out. Don't stuff yourself. And, especially, do not overindulge on liquor the night before as hangovers are even worse out at sea. Also, get a good nights sleep. These precautions will make your Roatan Ferry Trip much more enjoyable.

    Have a great day on the water with the 'Roatan Ferry'! Dave....

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