Personal Roatan Casita...
Personal Paradise...

Your Personal Roatan Casita (Small Home) Package is fabricated at a facility in the United States, with over 30 years experience, under strict quality control measures.

The Completed Package is then shipped to Miami, Florida and placed in a Container to be shipped by sea to Roatan Island.

A Majority of the Construction Materials necessary to complete your Roatan Vacation/Rental Casita are bought locally in Florida and placed in the Container also.

This will include Structural Woods; Wood Composite Decking; Electrical and Plumbing Materials; Lighting; Sheet Rocking Materials; Paint; Finish Trim and Interior Doors; Cabinets; Tiles; Appliances; etc.; etc.

We utilize quality suppliers and reputable companies.

An Optional Furniture Package can also placed in the container at this time.

Four days later, the container arrives at Roatan to be picked up and taken to your lot at Jade Monkey Properties. Because your Personal Roatan Casita is pre-fabricated and pre-punched, it does not take very long to erect to a completed, weather-tite shell. Now the possibility of bad weather will not impact the progress of your Personal Casita as work can always be done on the inside if the weather is not cooperating.

Construction of your Personal Roatan Casita is paid for in 'Stages of Completion'. There is a 30 day window after completion of each 'Stage' to make the payment. Obviously, the quicker the monies for the completed 'Stage' are received, the quicker the completion of your Personal Casita. At no time will you be required to pay for a 'Stage' that is not completed and verified with pictures, etc. You will always have at least a '10% Retainer' on the value of construction until the 'Completion of Contract'. This '10% Retainer' ensures you will have more value in your project than monies paid by you. That is our personal guarantee to you that we will complete your Roatan Casita as quickly as possible in order to finally receive that '10% Retainer'.

  • 10% Down locks in your Personal Casita Property, Plans and Options.

  • A 50% Draw, plus costs of Personalized Options requested, will be required before fabrication and shipping of your Personal Casita Package, the Additional Building Materials needed, Appliances, etc., and any Options, to Miami, Florida and then on to Roatan.

    Obviously, this is a large draw. The reason is because of the Commitment required from each of us. Once the Package, with all the extra materials and Options are shipped to Roatan, we both are at a 'Point of No Return'. Shipping the Container back to Miami, and trying to get refunds for all the Materials bought, would be "Cost Prohibitive'.

    My Commitment is that a Majority of the total Contract Monies will be expended by myself in getting the Package and all Building Materials, etc. needed, for Completion of your Contract, to Roatan.

    Your Commitment is a 'Good Faith Guarantee' that you will complete your agreed part of the Contract.

  • A 10% Draw is required at Completion of Floor System and after the Personal Casita Package is erected to a Weatherproof Shelter.

  • A 10% Draw is required at the Completion of the Insulation, the Rough Plumbing, Rough Electrical and Sheet Rocking.

  • A 10% Draw will be required at the Completion of the Painting, Cabinets; Lighting; Floor Tiling, Finish Trim and Fixtures, and Interior Doors.

  • The Final Retainer of 10% is due at time of Contract Completion, ready for your 'Move-In'...

Remember, over 95% of all Building Materials, Appliances, etc. to be used in the Completion of your Contract are purchased in the United States prior to your Personal Casita Package even arriving on Roatan. This procedure guarantees much better Quality, Choices and Availability of Products needed.

Through all Stages of Construction of your Personal Roatan Casita, Progress will be Documented and you will be kept Informed with Pictures, Emails, Building Schedules, etc. Just sit back, relax and plan for your 'soon to enjoy' Vacation Home in Paradise...

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