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Larry Schlesser - Broker/Owner C.I.P.S, A.C.P. - and all the personnel at RE/MAX-Bay Islands/Western Sunsets ( - the ONLY Certified International Property Specialist in the Bay Islands - offers the best in Personal, Ethical, and Professional Advice and Purchase. You definitely need a professional organization to help you through the potential 'minefield' of Real Estate transactions in Honduras. All transactions must be legal and registered to eliminate a potential 'disaster' happening later.

A Non-Honduran Citizen can personally own no more than 3/4 acre of Roatan property in their name. If you are looking at buying more than 3/4 acre, then the best way is to set up a 'Honduran Corporation'. That takes the services of a Registered Honduran Attorney to fill out the paperwork, file it and set up the Corporate Papers and Bank Account. A Honduran Corporation is also good for the easy transfer of property and rights to family members for Estate Planning.

If you want a larger lot, view property, existing home or more isolation rather than having guaranteed access to West Bay Beach, then the RE/MAX-Bay Islands/Western Sunsets personnel can definitely help. They have access to all properties being sold on Roatan Island, and surrounding areas, even the Mainland, at any given time. I am sure they can find a property acceptable to you.

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