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Jade Monkey Properties are located under the lush tropical canopy, on a gradual uphill slope. Jade Monkey Properties are a short walking distance to the beach on a peaceful, quiet road, with very little traffic, to West Bay Beach, about 300 yards. Motor Transportation to activities is Not Necessary as there are Lots to Do within walking distance. Glass Bottom Boat, Gumbalimba Park and Canopy Zip Lines are next to us. There are several Resorts for entertainment, lounges, restaurants, shopping, Dive Shops, etc.

As you have previously read, and seen, there are many reasons to be a Property Owner located at Emerald Beach on West Bay Beach, Roatan. Still, one of the Major Reasons is Unrestricted Access for property owners to the best and most beautiful beach on Roatan Island - West Bay Beach


Your 'Personal Vacation Casita' at Jade Monkey Properties will Eliminate all of the Negatives that would come with you, personally, taking the many Months to Build Your Own Vacation Home long distance, hundreds, even thousands, of miles away, in a Foreign Country. Jade Monkey Properties eliminates the Potential Problems resulting from substandard materials, supplies and construction.

Jade Monkey Properties eliminates the Aggravation of you, personally, having to deal with local contractors; laborers; government approvals; time schedules; problems in the field; weather; concerns about quality; local suppliers; lack of choices in building materials, equipment, finishes, furniture, etc.; etc.

Jade Monkey Properties already have all the Main Utilities completed, on property. They are constructed to Above Standard practices even in the United States.

Jade Monkey Properties Well Building

A private Potable Water Well on property is a real extra benefit as it will guarantee that you, as a Jade Monkey Property owner, will Always Have Water access.

Your water usage will be individually metered to your 'Personal Vacation Casita'. Monthly water bills will be non-existent when your Personal Casita isn't occupied.

Jade Monkey Properties Electrical Meter

Main Power with Individual Metered Hookups are already installed for Ease in Powering up your Vacation Casita. The Electrical Panel within your Utility Room is set up for simplicity in turning off all power, except for Security Lighting, when no one is going to be there for an extended period of time. That, plus very Efficient Design and energy-efficient Construction and Equipment within your 'Personal Vacation Casita', keeps your monthly Electrical Bills Minimal, especially when your 'Personal Vacation Casita' is not being occupied.

Jade Monkey Properties Septic System

This 3 Chamber Septic System, located on property, is very Eco-Friendly. In the United States, Standard Codes require a 2 chamber tank. Our 3 Chamber System is over-designed to make sure we Will Not Contaminate the Island or its Surrounding Reef System. It is located on higher ground, thus assuring no 'ponding' of waters above it during the 'Rainy Season'.

This Over-Designed Septic System is engineered so that by the time the effluent leaves the 3rd chamber into the drain field, the bacteria will have pretty well cleaned everything.

Couple the above Minimal Operating Expenses with Low Property Taxes - around US$150, per year and Low HOA Dues - around US$600, per year and you have very minimal overhead costs, especially when your 'Personal Vacation Casita' is not being used. Even while you are there, we have engineered and designed your Casita to be very frugal with utility costs and you are only charged for what your Individual Personal Casita uses.

Think about the major, ongoing costs that still continue on your primary home when you don't occupy it - high property taxes, insurances, electrical bills, water bills, sewer bills, garbage pick-up, telephone, cable T.V., etc., etc. Your Personal Roatan Casita has very minimal expenses when it is unoccupied. I live in an area with lots of Vacation Homes in the Mountains. Over the last few years, many Property Owners have had to sell their Vacation Properties, sometimes at a loss, because the yearly Property Tax Increases and Upkeep overwhelmed them. No such problem with your 'Personal Roatan Casita'.

There are also options available for Renting out your 'Personal Vacation Casita' during the times that you are not using it. A great way to recoup a lot of your Investment Monies as West Bay Beach is the most sought after area on Roatan for Vacationers, often getting upwards of US$1500, and more, per week, in Rental Fees.

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