Glass Bottom Boat...
West Bay Beach

The Glass Bottom Boat at West Bay Beach is a 'must do'!! It is located at the Foster's Resort pier, next to Emerald Beach. Again, all taxi's know where the 'Boat' is located, but Foster's Resort has good signage from the main highway.

Glass Bottom Boat Keel

The boat is not the typical 'glass bottom boat' regularly seen at various ports in the Caribbean and Mexico. A lot of those boats feel like the owner just chopped a square hole in the bottom of his fishing boat and caulked in his front room window! Ha!! This boat was specially made for observing the great Roatan Coral Reef System. It is designed so that you walk down steps into the keel of the boat. You then sit along the keel, with large glass windows on both sides of you. You don't miss a thing sitting under 6 feet of water. No getting wet here!

Glass Bottom Boat View of Roatan Reef

They take you out to the Protected Coral Reef, just off West Bay Beach, for about an hour. You will observe the Colorful Fishes, Plants, 'Critters' and Formations. It is amazing the height of the Corals and the Canyons that crisscross through the Formations. White Sand Clearings scattered throughout really add contrast to the Reef.

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