Erect-A-Shelter Features...
Efficiency in Design

The Metals and Paints utilized in Erect-A-Shelter are designed to be Maintenance Free and Good Looking for many years in the future.

Erect-A-Shelter utilizes sheet metal throughout and are 100% Termite Free. Where wood is utilized for stiffeners, it is treated with chemicals to eliminate rot and termites.

These pictures show a 12' x 18' Personal Shelter, with Optional Clear Polycarbonate Skylights, and Optional 'Window Grids'.

Erect-A-Shelter is Designed and Engineered for Ease in Assembly and Dis-assembly, if necessary. After Assembly, there are No Sharp Screw Threads Exposed to catch clothing, cause cuts, etc. No need for cheap plastic 'caps' to cover the exposed threads for safety, only to have them fall off later. As this picture shows, this Design makes for a very 'Clean Looking' Interior.

Erect-A-Shelter is designed to be assembled with very little measuring. Most Components are Pre-Punched. Just place the 'Wall Panels' side by side, slip on a 'LocBar', align the 'pilot holes' and zip the screws in. It's that simple. The Panels and Components, being Pre-Punched, not only make assembly easy and timely, but helps eliminate potential installation mistakes. Just make sure the Windows and Doors are located in the correct locations that you requested.

In the Erect-A-Shelter System, Window and Door Panels can, generally, be Installed Anywhere on the building perimeter, for Multiple Layout Choices. However, they can not be located closer than 2 feet to a corner, in the case of an Optional Garage Door or 3 feet from any other corner, thus assuring a rigid structure.

Erect-A-Shelter can be ordered in widths of 12 feet, 18 feet and 24 feet. They can be a minimum of 12 feet long to a maximum of ???, the only limitation in length is determined by 6 foot increments. Generally, a 1218 Erect-A-Shelter (12'x18') can be assembled to a weather-proof enclosure by 2 people in a weekend, ready for use. This allows for any desired 'Interior Options' to be installed 'Out of the Weather', at your leisure.

Wall and Window Frames

The Erect-A-Shelter Wall Frames are Pre-Punched and Assembled in Jigs. This process creates uniformity within the completed panels, plus labor efficiency and much less potential assembly problems.

They are assembled utilizing Heavy Duty #12 Screws. On all outside surfaces, Screws with Rubber Washers are used for extra weather control.

Where each Individual Panel Upright contacts another, there is Weather-Stripping to provide two barriers at each joint in the panels for added Weather-Titeness. Also, each joint is caulked for Superior Water and Insect Control.

The Exterior Structural Steel Frame Components are fabricated from 24 gage, Heavy Duty 'Paintloc' Metal, with a durable, 'Standard White Exterior Paint' applied to all exposed surfaces.

Numerous Wall Frames are pre-assembled and stored, waiting for the customers choice of wall color. This greatly reduces the amount of time between customer order and shipping of a completed shelter package.

Filler Panels

Each Wall and Window Filler Skin is fabricated from 28 gauge 'Zincalume Steel'. This Alloy Steel is then coated with a 40 Year 'DuraCoat Products' Guarantee. The 'Guarantee' even covers Saltwater Environments and can be 'Transferable' to another Owner. That makes the completed Wall and Window panels Color-Fast, Enduring and virtually Maintenance and Worry Free. Just squirt off your Personal Shelter with water every 6 months or so!

This special coating can also Reduce the Heat Gain within the Shelter upwards of 50 degrees from typical and meet or exceed U.S. 'Energy Star Program' Requirements.

Colors Available

The Wall, Window and Gable Skins are available in 6 Standard Colors, with an Option of Over 15 More Colors. This will provide a wide variety of Color Combinations for Roof, Walls, and even Gable Ends. This Large Array of Color Choices will allow you to Personalize your Shelter to your own Individual Taste.

Filler Walls

As this picture indicates, the Erect-a-Shelter panels are Liteweight, yet very sturdy, and Easily Assembled. Or easily disassembled for repair of damaged individual panels, or moving your Personal Shelter to a different location.

The Erect-A-Shelter Windows are 33.5" wide by 36" high. Standard Windows used are an Insulated Glass 'Slider', with Screen, that meet U.S. 'Energy Star' requirements.

Windows can come with Optional 'Decorator Grids' within the two sheets of insulated glass. They can also be optionally ordered in 'Single Hung', 'Casement', 'Awning' or 'Fixed' types.

Standard White Vinyl Frames are utilized for Maintenance-Free and Durable Performance. Optional Window Frame colors may be available.

Many Window Glass Options available include Tempered, Obscure and 'Storm-Rated'. There is also an option for Storm/Security Window Shutters.

The 'LocBars' are a Main Structural Component Utilized in the Assembly of an Erect-A-Shelter. The LocBars are designed so that every joint between individual panels will have a minimum 12" lap of solid, formed metal - top, middle and bottom - For Superior Stiffness. Optional Electrical LocBars are used at the middle location for Light Switches and GFCI Outlets. Those are the ones in this picture that have the rectangular openings already punched in them, ready for your outlets or switches.

The Interior Wall Components, such as LocPlates and LocBars, are fabricated from 20 gage Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel for added Maintenance Freedom.

A major 'Achilles Heel' of sheds and small shelters is the 'Access Entry'. Most Entry Doors end up with low headroom, are heavy and/or flimsy. They twist, rattle, stick and, generally, fall off their hinges over a short period of time. Their 'Locking Device' range from an outhouse type 'Hook and Eye' to a 'Hasp', for the padlock that you provide.


The Erect-A-Shelter 'Access Entry' is an Exterior Door utilizing a 'Standard White', 3 Foot Wide, 3-Hinge, Insulated, Weather-Stripped, 6-Panel Residential Door. They are metal clad for Durability, Longevity and Maintenance Free. They meet U.S. 'Energy Star Program' requirements.

The above picture shows a Commercial and Residential Door used in Erect-A-Shelter. It also shows the Optional '6 Foot Double-Door' and an 'Other than Standard White' Paint Option.

The Exterior Doors come Pre-Drilled with two holes for Standard Residential/Commercial Locking Knobs and Locking Deadbolts. This allows for excellent security and 'ease of access'. Optional Keyed-Alike Knobs and Deadbolts are available.

The Door Jambs have a wood stiffener installed within the metal profile for more strength and 'bite' for the door hinge screws and latch mechanisms. This allows for a much more Trouble Free door operation.

Optional, 'Special Order' colors can be available.

Optional 6 foot wide, 'Double Doors' are available. The Stationary Door, in this Option, is securely, and solidly, latched both top and bottom. Optional 8' wide by 7' high Sectional 'Garage Doors' can be located in the Gable End of any Shelter. And Optional 'Roll-Up Doors' are Also Available.

Gable Truss

The Gable Trusses are made from Steel Tube, Welded, Galvanized and Engineered to span an 8 foot opening. This allows for the Option of an 8 foot wide by 7 foot high Garage Door. They are fabricated to a standard 3" in 12" roof pitch, which allows for excellent Drainage and 'Curb Appeal'. The 'Gable Skins' can also be ordered in over 20 different colors.

The Intermediate Roof Trusses are also Welded from Heavy Duty Square Tubing and Galvanized.


The Erect-A-Shelter Roof Skins are also fabricated from 28 gauge 'Zincalume steel', coated with a transferable 40 year 'Dura Coat Products Guarantee'. That makes them Enduring and virtually Maintenance Free also. These special coated sheets can also Reduce the Heat Gain within the Shelter upwards of 50 degrees from typical, and meet, or exceed, U.S. 'Energy Star' requirements.

The Roof Skins are available in 6 Standard Colors, with an Option of Over 15 More Colors, enough to personalize to your own liking.

Optional Clear Polycarbonate Roof Skins are available to allow Natural Light within the Personal Shelter for less electrical demand.

Three 7 foot long 'Roof Z Purlins', when bolted together, are engineered to Clear Span 18 feet between Trusses and carry a maximum 40 pound per square foot roof load, as required by most U.S. Codes. There are Design Options available for heavier roof loads, if needed. The Roof 'Z Purlins' are fabricated from Extra Heavy Duty 14 gage Galvanized Sheet Metal.

Therefore, the Roof Components, as are all the Wall Components, are virtually Maintenance Free.

Perimeter Beam Floor System

An Optional Metal Concrete Floor System Package, uses 'Floor Perimeter Beams' as permanent concrete forms and embeds for 'Concrete Wall Anchor Angles'. This makes for a very 'Unitized', Rigid and Strong Shelter Foundation. The 'System' makes it Easy, and Labor-Saving, to have your Concrete Floor poured for your new Shelter.

The Erect-A-Shelter Walls are Anchored to the Floor System with Heavy Duty, Corrosion-Resistant, Steel Bolts, Nuts and/or Screws a minimum of every 9". The Walls can be anchored to either Concrete or Wood, with the use of specialized 'Wall Anchor Angles'.

Add to that an Optional Cable Anchoring System attached at both ends of the Shelter and a maximum of every 9 feet in between. This helps keep the Shelter in Place, even during the most Hostile Weather Conditions.

Tools Needed

This picture illustrates the Minimum Tools Needed to Assemble your Personal Erect-A-Shelter. Good pairs of Leather Gloves for safety; a Variable Speed Drill Motor with Ratcheting Clutch to prevent over-tightening of screws, with Spare Battery and Charger; Knife or Box Cutter; a Six Foot and an Eight Foot Stepladder (the roof peak of a 12' wide Shelter is 8.5 feet high and a 24 foot wide Shelter is 10 feet high. And you still need to reach over 3 feet to start the roof screws); 5/16" Wrench and 5/16" Socket, with Ratchet; small Caulk Gun; minimum 3' Level; a Flat Blade Screwdriver for leveling panels; and a 20' Tape Measure. A large Rubber Mallet and Table would also be nice.

The Erect-A-Shelter Package will provide all the necessary nuts, bolts and screws needed for the assembly of the Shelter. 1/4" and 5/16" Magnetic Hex-Head Drivers and 3/16" Allen Wrench are also provided, along with Tubes of White Caulking and Weather-Stripping to seal the Shelter.

Erect-A-Shelter is designed to be 'Yellow-Jacket Free'. This means that the structures are so sealed that yellow-jackets, or other insects or 'critters', can not find an obscure opening into the shelter.

The Erect-A-Shelter Building Components are designed not to exceed 36" wide by 84" long. Therefore, Shipping a Package and then Moving to a Shelter Location, even with restricted access, is easily achievable.

Purchasing the Erect-A-Shelter, with its Metal Exterior Structure, creates a very Fire Resistant Shelter. If more Inside Finish is required, then by utilizing Interior Walls with Metal Studs, 'Fire Resistant' Sheet Rock Surfaces throughout, Concrete base for Tile Flooring, Grounded Electrical Switches and Outlets, with GFCI Breakers, and Glass-Fiber Insulation, you can create a Very 'Fire Safe', Pleasing and Comfortable Personal Shelter.

Another 'Plus' for Erect-A-Shelter is that you can 'Add On' to your Existing Shelter without throwing away any of the Existing Components. Extending on the length of your existing Personal Shelter is relatively simple, extending on the width is more difficult. However, in both instances, no Components need to be thrown away, just re-used. The same will apply for moving your Personal Shelter to another location. However, if you purchased the Optional Concrete Perimeter Beam Floor System with your Shelter, that will not be reusable as it is strongly embedded in that existing concrete floor.

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