Canopy Zip Lines...
West Bay Beach

Canopy Zip Lines

There is nothing quite like the excitement of sailing through the jungle canopy of trees. Canopy Zip Lines start at the top of the mountain at West Bay and end at the beach below.

They are a safe, two cable system so you always have a safety cable in case the main cable breaks, which is highly improbable.

The Canopy Zip Line System is composed of 14 platforms set high in the jungle, with 13 Separate Zip Lines ranging from 135ft to almost 1000ft in length. As you set off on your breathtaking journey, you will hear and see the jungle wildlife along the route, so keep your eyes and ears open. Spider monkeys, parrots, and vivid green iguanas are all residents of the jungle below.

Also, there are many more 'Zip Lines' located throughout Roatan, so you would have a great diversity of scenery and 'excitement'.

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