Butterfly Gardens of Roatan...
An Unusual Display of
Native Butterflies and Birds

The signage is not great, but all the taxi drivers definitely know where the 'Butterfly Gardens of Roatan' are located. Close to West End Village, it's just a very short distance off the main highway.

Butterfly at Butterfly Gardens Roatan

Following are examples of the exquisitely beautiful, and fragile, live Butterflies on display.

You will see and learn about some of Honduras' most colorful butterflies including varieties such as Common Owl, Zebra, Helicopter, Firecracker, Julia's, Sunset Longwing, Monarch, and Queen. Join their guided tour (takes about an hour) or explore the 'Gardens' on your own.

The 'Butterfly Gardens' raise their own Butterflies with various 'Cocoon' or 'Pupa' cases located throughout the enclosure. Therefore, there are always a continuous supply of Beautiful Butterflies.

Another Butterfly at Butterfly Gardens Roatan

The 'Gardens' are also home to many Hummingbirds and a small collection of Parrots, Macaws, and Toucans, with other animals native to the Island. These animals have been acquired as 'Rescue Animals' to be protected, and in some cases, nursed back to health and released.

butterfly Gardens Toucan

Hours of Operation are Sunday through Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM, closed Saturday.
Admission is $7.00US for adults and $5.00US for children under 10 years. But that could change, so it is best to 'inquire' about the operating hours and fees, if that is a concern.

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