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Howdy! I'm Dave and "Welcome" to the Jade Monkey Website - 'A Work In Progress'. This Website is devoted to highlighting the basically undiscovered "Jewel of the Caribbean" - Roatan Island, and providing information on being able to afford enjoying "a Piece of Paradise", usually reserved for the rich.

April 2008 Cruise to Roatan

My wife, daughter Shannon, Joy, my Mom, and I, arrived on Roatan via a Carnival Cruise Ship in April of 2008. A lot of people experience Roatan for the first time this way.

We settled on a Taxi (#69 I believe) that we felt comfortable with. He spoke good English and had a newer Taxi. We 'negotiated' a fare of US$10 per person. (I would imagine that price will steadily increase as the years go by). I felt good about that price so 'off we went'. We were not sure what we wanted to do, or see, so left a lot of the 'tour' up to the Taxi Driver.

We saw a lot of the Island, with an ongoing dialogue about history, unusual 'facts', etc. We saw the 'Iguana Farm' (eckkkkkkk!! to the women), Butterfly Gardens (excellent!! to the women), West Bay Beach (great leisure time), with Snorkeling and Swimming, and the Glass Bottom Boat, all 'Excellent Adventures'(for all). And during our entire 7 hour 'Adventure', our Taxi Driver waited for us. Unbelievable!! Needless to say, he got a great tip!

Back on the Cruise Ship we talked about our recent 'Most Excellent Adventure' on Roatan. The 'talk' quickly turned to wanting to come back and visit longer. Mom even talked about buying a condo or small house there! My wife and daughter agreed! Imagine my 'shock' to hear the 3 women talking about 'Living on Roatan'. But that started this long journey that our Family has been on for over six years now.

We flew back to Roatan 5 months later, in September of 2008. Some of my wife's family joined us on this two week vacation. We rented a car and really 'saw' and 'experienced' a large part of the Island, with all of its 'sights, sounds and activities'. However, our main goal was to check out the feasibility of living on Roatan, part of a Third World Country, Honduras.

We all fell in love with the lush, green tropical, mountainous island, with its soft, white, flour sand beaches and warm, blue and turquoise waters. Add to that the Living Coral Reefs surrounding the Island. We could not find an existing condo or home within our price range (under $200,000US) that was close to the 'Best Beach on Roatan - West Bay Beach', with all of its activities, restaurants, lounges, shopping and beauty. We had to settle on just land, with the goal of building a home on it in the future. So I bought some land in Emerald Beach Estates, one of the last remaining 'slices' of residential property located on West Bay Beach, in September of 2008.

This is a picture of Mom and I enjoying a walk on West Bay Beach. The 'Glass Bottom Boat' is tied to its dock in the background.

My Mom is 88 this last March 2015. My Dad passed in November of 2006 and since then I have enjoyed Mom in my home in Southeastern Idaho. Mom, however, does not like the Winters here in Idaho (who does?, unless you are younger and enjoy the many winter activities). Mom and Dad lived in Sequim, Washington, on the Puget Sound Coast. They experienced exceedingly little snow and whenever they did, it did not last long. Here, in Idaho, it is a much different story. That is the reason 'The Family' wanted to enjoy at least a couple of months a year on Roatan, during the Idaho Winter. Who wouldn't!! Roatan - here we All come!!

The bulk of this Website will be dedicated to spotlighting our 'Experiences', Why Roatan?, 'Things to Do', 'Places to Go', Interesting 'Facts and Figures', the 'Ups and Downs' of Buying or Developing Property in Honduras, and, generally, the Charisma, Mystique and Seduction of Roatan Island.

I have been a Residential/Commercial Contractor for over 45 years. My College Major was Architecture and Construction Technology. I thought building on Roatan would be 'simple'. This Website portrays the journey I have taken in getting a 'simple?' thing accomplished.

Also, this Website is a 'Work in Progress' so 'Bookmark it' to keep up with the progress, new items, interesting facts, etc., in general, the 'odyssey' my Family has ventured on. Thanks for your interest. And be sure to submit your 'thoughts' - things you like about Roatan, places and scenery you enjoyed, questions, etc., etc. I will continue to develop the bulk of this website but my companion will add in her 'Favorite Things' touch, such as 'Roatan Flowers', etc. Here's to 'Paradise Affordable'! Dave - and 'Mom'

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