Roatan Iguana Farm...
Protection for an
Endangered Species

The Roatan Iguana Farm is located on the south coast of Roatan, just east of French Harbor. There is not much in the way of signage, but every Taxi Driver knows where it is located.

It is a very unique attraction, displaying hundreds of protected 'Lizards'. You can be right in the midst of them as they do not 'spook' very easily. Amazingly, they are great tree-climbers, and there are some very large ones. Of course, many wives, moms and 'girlfriends' don't really appreciate the opportunity to 'mingle' with them. Sometimes, they just don't know how to have 'fun'!

Iguana's are an Endangered Species on Roatan because the 'Locals' like to eat them. I understand that when they are cooked they 'Taste Like Chicken'. Ha! I, probably, will never know for sure. Yuckkk!!

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