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Beautiful Lush Tropical Paradise

This Website is devoted to the basically undiscovered "Jewel of the Caribbean" - Roatan Island. Maybe you're planning a Cruise and will only be here for a few hours. We'll help you find attractions that will give you a nice taste of Roatan. Perhaps you've planned a Vacation for a few days. You'll probably want to spend a lot of time relaxing, and we can point out activities so that you can get a nice 'feel' of this Island.

The majority of people who became aware of Roatan before the Cruise Lines started stopping here came from the Dive Community. They have known about the Island for many years. Roatan Island is world renown for its excellent Diving and Snorkeling Adventures - exploring old shipwrecks, the 2nd largest Living Coral Reef, with excellent visibility and warm water conditions.

On the other hand, maybe you're like my Family. On a Cruise, we fell in love with the lush tropical, mountainous Island, with its white, flour sand beaches and warm, turquoise waters. Add to that the Live Coral Reefs, 'Things to Do', 'Places to Go', 'Sights and Sounds' - in general, 'the Charisma of Roatan'. We purchased some Property at West Bay Beach in September of 2008.

Owning your own "Piece of Paradise" is usually reserved for the 'Rich'. But we can show you that is not always the case. Whether it be for Investment and/or wanting your own home for excellent Vacations, we will discuss all aspects of owning on Roatan Island, including the 'ups and downs' of buying or developing a property in Honduras.

This is a 'Work in Progress' so BookMark this Website to keep up with the Progress, New Items, Interesting Facts, etc. Come and explore Roatan Island with us. Dave


About Honduras
Honduras... a Very Stable Government in the Americas
About Islas de la Bahia - the Bay Islands.
Islas de la Bahia... 'The Bay Islands' - a Unique Paradise in the country of Honduras
Roatan Island.. Jewel of the Caribbean
Roatan Island... Jewel of the Caribbean
Beautiful West Bay Beach
West Bay Beach.. the Most Beautiful Beach on Roatan
Packing for Roatan
Packing for Roatan.. Some Unique Things to Remember
Cruise to Roatan
Enjoy a Cruise to Roatan - a Great Way to Enjoy the Island.
Roatan Ferry
Ride the Roatan Ferry.. to the Honduran Mainland and Back
Roatan Rental Cars
Roatan Rental Cars
Scooter Rentals
Scooter Rentals.. a Leisurely Way to See Roatan
Roatan Taxi
Roatan Taxi.. the Easiest Way to Explore Roatan
Water Taxi
Water Taxi, a Fun Trip to West End
Roatan Coral Reef
Roatan's Coral Reef's.. Discover Roatan's 'Other World'
Roatan Flowers
Roatan Flowers.. Tropical Beauty Year 'Round
Gumbalimba Park of Roatan
Gumbalimba Park of Roatan
Glass Bottom Boat at West Bay Beach
Glass Bottom Boat at West Bay Beach, a very Great Way to see the Living Coral Reef.
Tabyana Beach.. the Most Known and Visited Beach on West Bay Beach
Tabyana Beach
Butterfly Gardens of Roatan
The Butterfly Gardens, a great, low cost, excursion while visiting Roatan Island, Honduras
Canopy Zip Lines on Roatan Island
Ride the Canopy Zip Lines at West Bay Beach, Roatan, Honduras
Roatan Iguana Farm
Roatan Iguana Farm, another Great Adventure on Roatan.
Snorkeling on Roatan
Snorkeling on Roatan.. An Adventure the Whole Family Can Enjoy
Scuba Diving on Roatan
Scuba Diving on Roatan.. A Most Excellent Activity
Roatan Professional Golf Course
Professionally-Designed Roatan Golf Course, another Great Development on Roatan
Emerald Beach... Gateway to West Bay Beach
Emerald Beach, Gateway to West Bay Beach
Jade Monkey Properties... Affordable Paradise
Jade Monkey Properties... Affordable Roatan Paradise
Why Jade Monkey
Why Jade Monkey.. Affordable Vacation Homes in Paradise
Erect-A-Shelter Features
Erect-A-Shelter Features
Roatan Casita
Individual Roatan Casita... Personal Paradise...
Standard Features for Casitas
Standard Features.. Excellent Livability
Large Casita Features
Large Casita Features.. Excellent Home Buying Benefits
Medium Casita Features
Medium Casita Features..
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